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Gilberto Argini aka Re Lasagna

My name is Gilberto Argini, I run the TAVERNA RE LASAGNA, a Bolognese company dealing with one of the excellences of our beautiful city which is recognized at a world level: fresh pasta, in particular Lasagne. Our goal is to let people know the authentic lasagne alla bolognese. This is why we have created this box containing everything necessary to prepare this unique specialty of our culinary tradition. In fact, even if we are speaking of one of the most famous dish in the world, it is impossible to copy or even “translate” it into any other language! Our product aims to propose again the idea of a pleasant Sunday lunch at home with the family, but in a more modern key and refresh old memories when cooking was lot of fun. GILBERTO ARGINI, master chef from Bologna, is repository of the most ancient culinary tradition of the city. He wants to offer to all of you the possibility to experience the real art of preparing and cooking the Lasagne alla Bolognese. Dish of very ancient origins, the Lasagna is a noble course notwithstanding its folk origins, and can be considered the real queen of Bologna. In fact, if on the one hand the Felsina city has never been subjected to any Kingdom, Empire or Dukedom, on the other hand the major dish of the city called “the fat” has made her reputation spread throughout the world, much more than any other human king has ever done.

BECOME CHEF FOR ONE DAY! DIY Lasagne prepared according to tradition and proposed by a special lover: Gilberto Argini.

RE LASAGNA, the King of Lasagna, is located in Pontecchio Marconi, just a few miles from the centre of Bologna and very close to the Mausoleum of Guglielmo Marconi. The restaurant is renowned for it’s bolognese “pasta fresca”. In this beautiful place of nature (we are in the Reno Valley with it’s unspoiled landscapes), culture (as we already said it is the birthplace of Marconi) and history (not far from here there are the Etruscian necropolis of Misa and the medieval castle called Palazzo De’ Rossi), you can discover this gem of a restaurant that is run by Mr. Gilberto Argini and his father Giulio. Since he was a child, Gilberto Argini, as well as many of his fellows in this part of Italy, has had a passion for cars, sports and, of course, for pasta! Neighbours and relatives remember him helping his grandmother preparing pasta dishes, and lasagne, in particular. This well known bolognese culinary speciality was the main dish on Sundays and holidays for most of the families living in the district of Bologna.

The good Emilian “pasta fresca”, better if enjoyed with good local wines, has always been appreciated. Today, this wonderful product is gaining a wider audience all over the world. RE LASAGNA still prepares it’s dishes following the ancient traditions so that you can enjoy the delicious flavours from the past, directly from the clever hands of the “sfogline” (women who prepared pasta in the ancient Bologna).


> Gilberto Argini & Laurent Argini | PH: Betta Z.

Gilberto - Re Lasagna "The King of Lasagne alla Bolognese"from Bologna